Alexa's "Works With Matter" will now work with other new smart home gadgets

Matter Alexa

Even though Alexa from Amazon has been one of the smart voice assistants with the widest range of compatibility in the field of smart homes for a few years now, the business is continually searching for ways to enhance its products and make them even more user-friendly. One of the ways that it is accomplishing this goal is by bringing its Matter and Alexa integration to more devices at the beginning of the next year. Users will have an easier time controlling their smart home gadgets as a result of this, as well as more assurance that the devices will collaborate well with one another. In addition, Amazon is going to increase the number of devices that are supported, so that even more people will be able to take advantage of the advantages of having a totally connected home.

Today marks the official debut of Matter, a multi-company smart home standard that aims to simplify the way in which connected devices from various manufacturers communicate with one another.

To this purpose, Amazon has stated that they are officially getting on board the Matter train, and they have created a new classification for Matter products called Works With Alexa (WWA). In the month of December, they will be providing support for several platforms across dozens of Echo and Alexa devices; however, integration will only be available over Wi-Fi for the time being.

Devices that can be controlled include smartphones running Android, smart plugs and switches, smart lamps, and many more. The Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Studio, and Echo Flex are all examples of big-league Echo devices that can be used as controllers.

Amazon has announced that the Matter and Alexa integration will soon be available on iOS smartphones, and the firm also plans to extend the number of device types that are supported. Amazon will support the related networking protocol for Matter, referred to as "Thread," in the next year.

Amazon has also formed a partnership with Sengled, a leader in the field of smart lighting, with the intention of collaboratively manufacturing Matter-compatible items over the next several years. The production of lighting fixtures is going to be the natural starting point for this relationship.

Why is it important that matter exists? When enough firms and devices have adopted the standard, you will be able to command any Matter-compatible gadget using any Matter app that is compatible with that device. There will never be a need to re-register a smart home gadget in order to get it to function on a different platform.

In the case of Amazon, you won't have to depend only on the Alexa app to operate the various smart home gadgets; rather, you'll be able to do it via the Matter platform. Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung are just some of the companies that have indicated their intention to utilize the platform in some capacity.

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