The iPhone 14 Pro's 48MP ProRAW is simply amazing

An impressive 48MP ProRAW on the iPhone 14 Pro

An impressive 48MP ProRAW on the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro's 48MP raw mode is a game-changer for smartphone photography. It's an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level. With 48MP raw mode enabled, your photos will have much more detail and dynamic range.
The colors will be more accurate, and the shadows will be smoother. Overall, your photos will look significantly better. 

The iPhone 14 Pro's camera is on another level entirely. The level of detail is astounding but more important, you get this without all of Apple's enthusiastic image processing, which often turns photos into oil paintings. For the first time ever, you can totally get away without using a 'real' camera.

ProRAW is an image format that captures all the data from the sensor without any processing. This means you can edit the photo later on your computer without losing any quality.

The ProRAW images are wonderful.And as the names suggest, it's mainly for professionals,\" said one user on the MacRumors forums. If you're a professional photographer, you'll be able to take advantage of this new feature. And if you're not, you'll still be able to edit your photos to a high level without losing quality.

Turn on ProRAW

To take photos with ProRAW, go to Settings > Camera > Formats, then turn on Apple ProRAW under Photo Capture. To take a ProRAW photo, tap RAW  in the Camera app, then take your shot.

If you turn off RAW in the Camera app, the format of the photo defaults to the format you set under Camera Capture in Settings > Camera > Formats: either High Efficiency (HEIF format) or Most Compatible (JPEG).

Choose a resolution for your ProRAW images

On iPhone 14 Pro models, you can capture Apple ProRAW images at two resolutions: 12 megapixels or 48 megapixels. 48 MP images retain more detail in your image file. This lets you zoom in and have more creative control when cropping. 12 MP images result in a smaller file size.

In the Settings app, tap Camera.
Tap Formats.
Turn on Apple ProRAW to reveal the resolution options.

Get more creative with your photos

This is why your camera's raw files are so big—they're a lot of data. So when you convert them to a more human-friendly format like JPEG, your computer has to do a lot of work to figure out how best to represent that data.

If you want the best quality possible, you should leave your photos in their raw form and convert them only when you absolutely need to. But that's not always practical, so here are some tips for getting the most out of your JPEGs.

Have more control over your photos

The iPhone 14 Pro, and it’s a pretty new solid  update  iPhone . But one of the biggest new features is actually a software update that brings a whole new level of creativity to your photos.
The new “ProRAW” feature gives you the ability to edit your photos with more control and flexibility than ever before, while still keeping the original RAW file intact. And if you’re not familiar with RAW files, they’re basically the digital equivalent of a negative in film photography — they contain all the data captured by the sensor, and they give you much more flexibility when editing.

Take better low-light photo

One of the most exciting new features coming to the iPhone 14 Pro is the improved low-light camera. Here’s how to make the most of it. As we’ve seen in the past few years, Apple’s iPhones have gotten pretty good at taking low-light photos.  

The new camera system on the iPhone 14 Pro uses a larger sensor with 2.4um pixels, which is a 50% increase over the iPhone 12 Pro. The new sensor also has 100% Focus Pixels, which means it can focus faster and more accurately in low light. And finally, there’s a new wide-angle lens that should let in more light than ever.

Get better color in your photos

If you’re looking to get better color in your photos, the iPhone 14 Pro is the phone for you. It has a new sensor that helps it capture more colors than ever before.
 And because it’s an OLED display, those colors will pop even more. The iPhone 14 Pro also has a new feature called Deep Fusion. This uses machine learning to optimize photos for better detail and low-light performance.

Share ProRAW photos

Here are the best ways to share your ProRAW photos:

  • Use iCloud Photos to access the original ProRAW file in full resolution on all of your devices.
  • To transfer the original ProRAW file from your iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, or your Mac, use AirDrop. If you edited the photo in the Photos app and then you share it, you'll share a JPG file. To share the original ProRAW file from the Photos app on your iPhone, tap Share, tap Duplicate, tap Edit, tap Revert, then share the photo using AirDrop.
  • To share an edited ProRAW photo with someone else, edit the photo in the Photos app on your iPhone, then AirDrop, email, or send with Messages. A JPG file that includes your edits is shared.
  • To email a ProRAW photo, create an email in the Mail app on your iPhone, then add the photo to the email. The Mail app automatically converts the ProRAW file to a smaller JPG file, which you can then send with email.
  • If you edit a ProRAW photo and want to share both the original ProRAW file and the edited JPG file, use Image Capture on Mac or the Windows Photos app on a PC to import the files. You can also use AirDrop to share both files to a Mac. Tap on Options and turn on All Photos Data before you share, then select Save to Downloads when you receive the files on your Mac.
  • If you’ve edited a ProRAW photo in the Photos app on your Mac, and you want to use your Mac to share the original ProRAW file only, select the photo in the Photos app, then choose File > Export > Export Unmodified Original.

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