Roku Enters Connected Life With Their Own Smart Home Devices

Roku Enters Connected Life With Their Own Smart Home Devices

Roku, the company behind many of the most popular streaming TV devices, is now entering the world of connected home devices. With their new line of smart home devices, Roku is looking to make your life easier and more connected than ever before.

Roku is making products for your home that work with your Roku streaming device and many different voice assistants.

Roku's new lineup of smart home cameras will let you stream live video feeds. You'll also be able to control other smart home devices, like lighting and plugs, through Roku TV or a new Roku Smart Home mobile app.

The initial assortment includes a floodlight camera, indoor and outdoor cameras, an indoor 360-degree camera, a video doorbell, smart bulbs, smart light strips, and smart plugs for inside and outside. You can control all of it using the app, a Roku voice remote, or "third-party voice integrations"—which probably means Alexa and the like.

Roku has teamed up with Wyze Labs to create new smart home devices. Even though Roku is not known for its smart home devices, Wyze Labs is a veteran in the security field. This means that while Roku's new devices say they have user data encryption and 2FA options, it is important to also you might attention to any security updates (or lack thereof) as the years go by.

You will still be able to use the camera without a subscription. This includes being able to watch a live stream of the camera feed, recording images and videos to the cloud, getting warnings for smoke and carbon dioxide, and being alert for any motion or sound.

If you subscribe, you will get person, package, vehicle, and pet detection along with event filtering. If you subscribe by November 30th, it will cost $2.99 per camera for the first three months, or $29.99 per camera for the first year.

Some of  Roku's smart home devices are available now from and All of the smart home devices will be available only in Walmart stores starting Monday, October 17th.

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