Apple Music is finally available on Xbox, we have good news

Apple Music is finally available on Xbox, we have good news

If you've been waiting for Apple Music to come to Xbox, the wait is finally over.

It looks like you can now get Apple music on your Xbox console. This has been available for PlayStation consoles for some time already. But now it's finally Xbox owner's turn to listen to tunes and watch music videos.

The app has all of the features you would expect from Apple Music, like ad-free music and video streaming, custom playlists, on-demand stations, and curated track lists. But there is also an exciting feature for Xbox gamers that allows them to listen to their music while playing games simultaneously.

Some people on Reddit have noticed that the new Xbox app doesn't have Dolby Atmos or Lossless Audio support. This is backed up by the app listing, which doesn't mention either feature even though other devices have them. It's not clear if this is a problem with the hardware or the app, or whether or not Apple (or Microsoft) will add either (or both) in the future.

You can download the Apple Music app for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S for free today. If you are not already subscribed to Apple Music, you will get the first month for free. After that, keeping your subscription will cost $9.99 per month.

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